Brunch Menu

Brunch is served Sat &  Sun from 10 am to 3 pm

Light menu is served from 3 pm to 4:30 pm

Dinner begins at 4:30 pm


Soup of the Day...$4/$7

Eden Garden Panzanella- olive bread, tomato, cucumber, basil & olive-lemon dressing...$8


Bibb Butter Letuce- radish, asian pear, candied walnut, roquefort & champagne vin...$8


Roasted Golden Beets- tgh farms' mustard greens,sangria watermelon & caprino royale goat cheese...$11


Cobb Salad- cherry tomato, chicken, bacon, egg, blue cheese & avocado dressing...$12



Breakfast- bacon, leeks & dis & dat farm eggs...$12


Red Wine Crimini Mushrooms- caprino royale goat cheese & fresh herbs...$12


Sausage- shishito peppers...$13


Twigs & Branch- wild arugula, caprino & roasted grapes...$14                   


Brown Butter Granola- greek yogurt, honey & fresh berries...$7                   


Iron Skillet Muffin- blueberry muffin & honey goat butter...$9

Egg Sandwich- scrambled eggs, roasted bell, arugula & bacon...$9                  


House Smoked Turkey- avocado mayo, cheddar, bacon & pickled pepper relish...$9


French Toast “Cakes"- berries & vermont maple syrup $9


Iron Skillet Quiche- cameralized fennel, arugula, red bell pepper & goat cheese ...$11


Duck Fat Biscuits- mercado breakfast sausage gravy & s.s.u...$12                               


Teresa’s Chilaquiles - red potaotes, queso fresco & pico de gallo...$11                        


Brunch Burger- sharp cheddar, bacon, mixed greens, fried eggs & house made chips...$15


House Made Corned Beef Hash- rye toast & s.s.u egg...$16


Steak & Egg- herb oil, potato haystack, wagyu beef & s.s.u. egg...$16                                    


Duck Duck Duck- duck confit, duck egg, duck fat hollandaise & grilled ciabatta...$18



Caprino Royale Goat Cheesecake– roasted pinapple & pink peppercorn shortbread...$8 

Sorbet Trio- candied citrus & sugar cookie...$8

White Chocolate Rum Tile- nilla wafer crust, caramel & banana...$8